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Mediation is the legal name for the process that occurs when two parties rely on a neutral third person to help settle their dispute. If negotiations break down, a qualified mediator can help move matters into the next phase of the case without delay and hopefully settle the case outside of the courtroom.  

During a mediation, both parties present their findings.  Thoroughly listening to both sides of the case, the mediator evaluates the case and works to negotiate a reasonable solution and acceptable settlement.

of a good mediator

The person representing you or your client in mediation must have extensive knowledge of the applicable law.  For that reason, it is highly recommended that you work with a lawyer who has the experience and understanding of both sides of a case.  You should also choose a mediator who is unbiased, patient, a good listener and is an excellent negotiator and communicator.  Mediators must be able to concisely explain the pros and cons of settling the case versus taking the dispute to court for a judge or jury to decide. 

Albuquerque Attorney Ron Archibeque has extensive experience working on both sides of a case.  As a former Insurance Defense Attorney, he has earned the respect of the defense bar, insurance adjusters and companies. He has had success with defending business and corporate clients. As a Personal Injury attorney, Ron Archibeque has successfully litigated, settled and gone to trial on numerous cases representing the plaintiff.  His extensive and comprehensive experience as an attorney has provided him with the skillset to effectively evaluate a case, which as a mediator helps both parties understand the pros and cons of their arguments. 

the Archibeque Law Firm
for mediation services

When looking to identify a qualified and experienced mediator, consider hiring Attorney Ron Archibeque. Throughout his legal career, Ron Archibeque has served as a mediator on several cases, helping legal parties resolve their disputes. The Archibeque Law Firm has the capability to offer mediation services in their North East Albuquerque Office, virtually via Zoom and at third party-neutral sites throughout the state of New Mexico. To learn more about our mediation services, contact us at (505) 750-2363.